Women’s Extreme Wrestling has been the home to some of the greatest Divas and Knockouts in the history of pro wrestling.


WEW was the stomping grounds of many of today’s mainstream pro wrestling female stars, and has produced the hottest Divas and Knockouts fans have ever known.


MICKIE JAMES, an original mainstay in WEW under the name ALEXIS LAREE before she ever wrestled for the WWE at Wrestlemania, or debuting for TNA /Impact Wrestling. She later when on to record and release her first Country music cd.  She had some of her best matches before ever going big time in WEW!


VELVET SKY, was also part of the original WEW crew under her name TALIA, long before her two TNA / Impact Knockout World title reigns. Talia enjoyed some success as a single competitor, but made waves by teaming with Tiffany Madison, and then went on to win the WEW Tag Team Titles, with former Playboy model April Hunter as TEAM T&A. Who knows how far she would’ve gone in WEW if she had those implants much sooner?  


JAZZ found an immediate home with WEW after her run with Extreme Championship Wrestling ECW. She definitely made an impact in WEW, before signing with the WWE.  After finishing her run with the WWE Jazz came home to WEW and captured the WEW Women’s World Title in the “Fatal Four M'enage Quatro” match against Angel Orsini, Mercedes Martinez, and Simply Luscious.


And how can we forget one of the original WWE “Godfather’s Ho” in PUSSY WILLOW. Willow who also scored winning the WWE Hardcore Championship, before making her way to TNA Wrestling, and back home to WEW where she teamed with Rockstar Roni Jonah to win the WEW Tag Team Titles.


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