Since our inception, WEW always pushed the envelope in and out of the ring. WEW features the hottest women in the ring, and things get even hotter backstage.


It all started in front of a rambunctious audience at The Boathouse in Norfolk, Virginia as the WEW filmed their pilot Pay Per View taping.  The audience could not wait for the advertised catfight between the two adult vixens Rebecca Wylde and Kitten in an evening gown to the finish match, where one --or both of the women would be completely stripped of their gowns --AND their under garments as well!  


As the action was about to get underway, the audience was in a frenzy --and was interrupted by Commissioner Smoke, as he informed the fans that he was sent out by local law enforcement to put an end to anything perverted before it started and that people would be sent to jail.


Both Kitten and Rebecca Wylde both turned on Commissioner Smoke, which left him holding his family jewels in the center of the ring, while they made out up the ramp and into the back where there was a full on lick fest that took place backstage.


Never before in the history of professional wrestling has the enveloped been fully pushed to --and adult extreme as two beautiful and vivacious women went at each other with the fury of two unbridled horny teenagers. A must see…


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