Women’s Extreme Wrestling was back in Philadelphia, PA at the former ECW Arena for another Pay Per View event where some of today’s most exotic and erotic voluptuous wrestling vixens face off to do battle! 

The sexy and athletic, ALEXIS LAREE aka MICKIE JAMES faces “The Woman Beast” AMANDA STORM in an interesting one on one match up. 

If you like it hardcore then you will love the “Old School Philly Street Fight” as it pits the dominatrix TARA TITANIUM against the superstar KRISTY KISS.  Expect to see an unholy ass kicking, with blood shed. Yes, blood!


If you love sexy ass schoolgirls, then you will want to see the “Battle of The Hot Ass Sexy Schoolgirl Three Way Style” as the blonde girl-next-door BRITTNEY takes on her arch nemesis MISSY THE SCHOOLGIRL and the school outcast CASEY. Which schoolgirl will come out as the winner --we really don’t care as long as they leave it all in the ring --their clothes that is… 


What’s a WEW show without an infamous, sexy, sultry, exotic, and erotic ref dance performed by the Latina, loca mami MIMI! Never before has a ref dance been so enticing. 


Former WCW / ECW valet and girlfriend of MACHO MAN RANDY SAVAGE, THE GORGEOUS ONE GEORGE comes to WEW to make a difference --or to be seen by the masses. George is smoking hot and has her eyes on taking down BARROOM BARBIE in a “Blonde Bombshell Catfight”


If you like two women beating the shit out of each other, then you will enjoy a true classic as PRYME TYME AMY LEE and former ECW star RIPTIDE (aka the Prodigette) go at each other hardcore style. 


Two WEW favorites fight it out in a “Bra and Thong Match” as we all want to see TARA and CANDY rip each other’s clothes off. We all win!


And in the MAIN EVENT, WEW presents “QUEEN HO OF THE RING” in a Divas Royal Rumble match for the Women’s Extreme Wrestling’s World Title… Who will become WEW’s first ever Champion? Who is the most hardcore and extreme woman to be champion?  G.I HO, TAI “KILLER” WEED, PUSSY WILLOW, MISSY THE HARDCORE SCHOOLGIRL, and 20 other women all vy for the most coveted championship in all of pro wrestling. 


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