Pro Wrestling legends of the ring never let their legion of fans down as they always deliver entertaining action with their larger than life personalities, and of course their brutal trail of violence. 

TERRY FUNK, the grandfather of hardcore is still going strong after all these years as he punishes his opponents and leaves them lying in their own puddle of blood, all the while he himself covered in a crimson mask. Funk has traveled and crisscrossed the globe leaving crowds satiated for their thirst of blood laced battles. It doesn’t matter his opponent's age, Funk has no mercy and is always looking to come out the winner in any fight that he finds himself in --scheduled or impromptu. 

Next, is the legendary DUSTY RHODES, one who  always loved a good fight and is no stranger to blood filled battles, as he delivers the same in Wrestling’s Bloodiest Wars. Rhodes has faced KEVIN SULLIVAN, BAM BAM BIGELOW, ABDULLAH THE BUTCHER, TERRY FUNK and many others in Wrestling’s Bloodiest Wars; in what some deem to be classic bloodbaths. Rhodes wears his traditional jeans and t-shirt as he goes to work to open up and tear his opponent's flesh for his victories. 

ABDULLAH THE BUTCHER reign of terror has stretched through the decades --Worldwide. No man was ever safe when the unpredictable Abdullah The Butcher stepped in the ring. At 6 feet tall, and weighing in over 350 pounds, Abdullah was actually quite agile for his size, and would surprise opponents with a stiff kick or martial art chops, temporarily paralyzing his opponent then set up with for the kill with his patented spike to the foreheads of every opponent he has ever faced. Bloodshed is the norm for the Butcher and he always delivers carnage in Wrestling’s Bloodiest Wars. 

We finish this article off with the “Prince of Darkness” KEVIN SULLIVAN himself. Sullivan is one of the most sadistic and deranged pro wrestlers to ever grace the squared circle. KEVIN SULLIVAN has no limits and will use everything in his power to physical and mental abuse his opponents. He uses blood as a psychological weapon to enter the heads of his counterparts, and enjoys “carving” his opponents to leave a lasting scar for them to remember their encounter. Sullivan delivers big in Wrestling’s Bloodiest Wars and shows that these ring veterans will stop at nothing to win, and leave their opponents laying in their own blood. 

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