Wrestling to the extreme is what ECW was all about. Former ECW stars to this day still deliver that extreme brand of entertainment that has no limits. Extreme Championship Wrestling brought the hardcore and extreme wrestling style to the masses. At times matches would start as your traditional style wrestling match would grow into this chaotic scene that had the ring filled with various objects of plunder that the wrestlers would use on one another to one up and capture the win. 

What would SABU or ECW be without each other? We will never know, and for that fact we don’t want to know as SABU has amazed audiences Worldwide --including on Wrestling’s Bloodiest Wars. Sabu has performed the craziest stunts that has scarred and maimed not only his opponents, but himself included. Sabu is no stranger to blood, and is more than happy to obliged the fans opening a wound on his opponent as they beg for mercy from the suicidal, homicidal, genocidal maniac.  

PITBULL GARY WOLF is from the tough streets of South Philadelphia and has seen his share of many legit street fights that he has left his foe a bloody mess. Pitbull Gary Wolf brings his unbridled violence to Wrestling’s Bloodiest Wars and stops at nothing to survive. With his trademark heavy duty chain, he bloodies them with it and then and finishes them choking them with it. 

RAVEN is a masterful mind controller. He uses his intelligence to lure his opponents into a false sense before unleashing an unmerciful bloody beating. Watch Raven in Wrestling’s Bloodiest Wars use his in ring prowess and mind games to take full advantage of his opponents. Raven also seems to take a sick and twisted comfort in his own pain as his enemies get their own revenge and at times have left Raven lying, bloodied from his beating. 

We leave off this segment with the unpredictable NEW JACK. NEW JACK was part of the infamous tag team THE GANGSTAS. The Gangstas caused straight chaos every match, every appearance wrestling, or otherwise. The trail of blood and stories about NEW JACK have become legendary. From the stabbing and shanking of his opponents to his own divot stricken and scarred forehead, New Jack brings his violence to Wrestling’s Bloodiest Wars. His path of destruction and blood continues on here in Wrestling’s Bloodiest Wars as he faces his old friends and enemies of ECW, as well as newcomers trying to dethrone and test the legend known and “New Jack”. 

Some say that in no other environment would ECW in ring talent would be stars --except in ECW… Well we urge you to check out Wrestling’s Bloodiest Wars to see all the uncensored action!