Never before has such violence and carnage, not only been captured on video, but broadcasted on National television on Pay Per View and Video on Demand as featured on WRESTLING’S BLOODIEST WARS. 

Wrestling’s Bloodiest Wars is not for the weak stomached or faint of heart. This series is truly the most violent compilation of the most brutal confrontations caught on video from around the World. Fights take place in rings, but as well as on the city streets, nightclubs, rooftops, open fields, and anywhere else you may think of. 

Nothing is held back. Nothing is censored. There are no authorities or entities supervising fights between these brave combatants. Wrestling and theses wars have gone beyond limits of anything that has ever been seen. 

Skin is ripped and torn by all grades of barbed wire.  Solid steel chairs swung at full force to an opponent's head leaving them with countless concussions --and they still keep fighting. Glass panes, and its particles that pierce and cut human flesh. Solid wood tables broken, as bodies twist and turn in ways it was not meant to move. Cinder blocks crash, as bones break. 

And BLOOD is the norm.  ALOT of BLOOD is the norm. 

EVERY wrestler that appears or has appeared on Wrestling’s Bloodiest Wars wears their scars with pride and will forever be SCARRED from the violence that they have experienced. 

From blood cover faces, torsos, cuts, bruises, broken bones, and the list goes on ---WRESTLING’S BLOODIEST WARS is the most violent wrestling broadcasts known to man. Join today and SEE all the blood and carnage.