Former ECW hardcore womans wrestler, The Prodigette has been a staple in “Female Wrestling’s Most Violent Brawls”, as well as WEW Women’s Extreme Wrestling, under her government name, ANGEL ORSINI. 

During her days in Extreme Championship Wrestling, Angel Orsini not only wrestled women in violent matches, but men as well. Orsini has always believed in just being the absolute best professional wrestler she could be taking on all comers. The harder and more violent the fight, the better in her mind. 

In WEW, Angel Orsini also went under the much fitting name of THE FULL BREASTED ITALIAN aka THE FBI.  She wrestled single matches, as well as tag team matches with JEANIE GOMBA, and has been known to keep company with THE NICE GUYS -who may or may not be associated with the mob… yes that mob. 

Orsini is one bad bitch as she makes her way through the tough competition.  It doesn’t matter if they are pretty or ugly, Orsini gets off leaving her opponents lying in their own blood.  Angel has aced the toughest and best women’s wrestlers throughout the World like MERCEDES MARTINEZ, PRYME TYME AMY LEE, TAI “KILLER” WEED, SIMPLY LUSCIOUS, and her friend, foe, and fellow ECW alumni JAZZ --in some of the most VIOLENT Women’s Wrestling matches in history. 

ANGEL ORSINI, THE FULL BREASTED ITALIAN has won various titles throughout the World, but most importantly in Women’s Extreme Wrestling.   She will fight anyone… anywhere… anytime… and under ANY circumstance. With Orsini, expect everything and anything, as she is full of surpris with tables, ladders, chairs --she just doesn’t give a shit!

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