Pole Match… Flaming Tables Match… Bar / Street Fight… Steel Cage… Barbed Wire Match…. Stairway to Ecstasy…  Missile on a pole… 

If you’ve never witnessed or viewed these matches… 

Then you’ve arrived at the right place! 

Above are just some of the craziest, most insane, and most violent Female Wrestling incidents ever captured on video.  All the above and more can be seen in their entirety right here in our ALL ACCESS section. 

Don’t let these pretty faces fool you. Females Most Violent Brawl features some of the hottest girls you will ever see, but also some of the toughest and baddest bitches --not just in pro wrestling, but in life in general. 

These savage bitches fight it out to be better than the other. In fact, some just do it for fun. Steel chairs, tables, ladders, barbed wire, and steel cages don’t stop these broads from getting it in and on. 

Hardcore and extreme, these women love violence, and they are good at it too.  While some women get off by being wined, dined, and sixty-nined, these chicks like to get physical delivering brutal beatings to their opponents --and if they can make the other bleed, the more the better!

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