She fights back with everything in her...


She reaches for the steel stop sign and hopes to slow down the brutal ass beating she is receiving from the fiercest dominatrix; one that would have the most perverted running for cover. With her dreadlocks swinging wildly as she chokes the shit out the blonde KRISTY KISS, blood covers Kristy’s face as it leaks onto... and around the ring mat. The live audience just sits there in dismay and utter disgust. Jaws were locked dropped, while others groaned in sickness as ANGEL physically continues to beat the shit out fan favorite Kristy Kiss

The fans yelled obscenities at Angel pleading with her to stop the brutal display of violence. Their cries fell on deaf ears. All the while, blood continue to pour from various cuts from her pretty face. Now we are not talking of some blood, we are talking a gallon of it running down her face like a bad summer rain. Angel must have hit an artery in her head. We haven’t seen blood like this since Tommy Dreamer had Raven handcuffed to the steel cage in this very same arena. NEVER before has anyone in this audience ever seen a woman bleed so much. Disgusting? Interesting? Entertaining?  

With all the disgust and utter violence that was taking place, there was something perverse, something animal like as Angel ripped the flesh of Kristy Kiss unrelentlessly with absolutely no mercy as she was consumed with just obliterating Kristy so she would never return to the ring… 

It couldn’t have been that bad, as described above… could it? 

See and witness this for yourself. Join today. Female Wrestling Most Violent brawls isn’t for the squeamish.